The Infamous Collection ROM (ISO) for PS3 Emulator (RPCS3)

infamous collection ROM

The Infamous Collection ROM for RPCS3 includes in a double CD format the games of the famous Infamous saga: “Infamous”, “Infamous 2” and “Infamous: Festival of Blood”. Our protagonist in this game is Cole McGrath, an unusual person who discovers throughout the story that he has the power to control and unleash high voltage currents as well as a superhuman strength and stamina that allows him to jump to very high places and withstand many blows. This collection of video games brings us totally new additional missions and collectible material that we can not find in the games that compose it separately as new costumes and weapons that increase the characteristics and unlock new skills of our character. It is the perfect set for those who are looking to remember this acclaimed saga and for those who are going to try it for the first time with all the extras already included.

Download ROM (ISO)

Download ROM (ISO)

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Download The Infamous Collection ROM (ISO) for PS3 Emulator

To download The Infamous Collection ROM (ISO) for PS3 Emulator (RPCS3) you have to follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Click on the download link below.
  2. Download The Infamous Collection ROM (ISO) for PS3 Emulator (RPCS3) Part 1.
  3. Download The Infamous Collection ROM (ISO) for PS3 Emulator (RPCS3) Part 2.
  4. Accept the permissions of the Operating System, if requested, to download a file from an unknown source by clicking on “Accept”.
  5. Wait for the ROM (ISO) file to finish downloading.
  6. Locate the game file The Infamous Collection ROM (ISO). It is most likely compressed in .zip format. Use a program to unzip it.
  7. Install your ROM in the emulator. To do this follow the steps in the installation section below.

Install The Infamous Collection ROM (ISO) on RPCS3

To install The Infamous Collection ROM (ISO) for RPCS3 quickly and easily follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install the RPCS3 emulator.
  2. Download in the link above mentioned The Infamous Collection ROM (ISO), which will come to us compressed in a .zip file.
  3. Open the RPCS3 emulator
  4. In the upper left corner we will find a menu, click on “Boot” and then select “Install PKG” and open the PKG file of the game.
  5. Now go to the downloaded game folder and copy the .RAP file and paste it into the folder: RPCS 3 O/dev_hdd0/home/00000001/exdata and replace the existing file with the same name.
  6. We check that it appears in the emulator and start the game from it.

The infamous Collection ROM Datasheet

  • Platform: Play Station 3
  • Distributor: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Platformer
  • Release date: May 26, 2009